Who We Are

The Mississippi Oral Health Community Alliance (MOHCA) unites dentists, dental hygienists, and other oral health providers alongside health advocates and community leaders to make long-lasting improvements to the oral health of Mississippians.

Everyone deserves a quality smile and a healthy mouth.  MOHCA works to provide the best education, training, and advocacy to make this a reality.


The Purpose of the Mississippi Oral Health Community Alliance (MOHCA) is to mobilize community partnerships between and among policy makers, state agencies, professionals, organizations, the public and other groups that are interested in improving oral health.


To offer a comprehensive approach to improve the oral health status for Mississippians by serving as an advocate for optimal oral health

To mobilize community partnerships between and among policy makers, state agencies, professionals, organizations, the public and other groups that are interested in improving oral health

To develop and seek implementation of plans and policies through a collaborative process

To establish an oral health infrastructure that assures the protection, promotion and provision of oral health care for all Mississippians



P2P is an interactive, hands-on, career exploration experience, designed for 8th graders in public and private schools as well as home-schooled students. In a private session Opportunity Youth ages 16-24 years old are also invited to experience P2P.  Each student is free to explore a variety of career pathways aligned with the U.S. and state departments of education.

How is MOHCA involved?

MOHCA in partnership with Mississippi State Department of Health- Office of Oral Health provides dental career stations such as: Dental Hygiene Station, Indirect Vision Activity Station, Tobacco Cessation Station and Dental Public Health Operatory Setups. The 8th graders can visualize themselves as dental professionals and talk to dental professionals one on one.

MOHCA participates at the following locations:

P2P Gulf Coast Mississippi

P2P Mississippi Delta

P2P Central Mississippi

For more information about the Pathways 2 Possibilities organization, please visit their website.


The initiative, created by the American Dentist Association (ADA), is an opportunity for kids who can’t normally afford to see a dentist to receive free dental care. Dentists, as well as dental hygienists, assistants, and other volunteers, use their time and talents to ensure that children are given the dental care they need and deserve across the country. The first Friday of February is when we turn those frowns upside down and begin the Give Kids A Smile program.

The Give Kids A Smile program was created by the American Dentist Association in 2003. It was a way for dentists to come together with their communities to provide dental services such as oral health, education, screenings, preventive health, and treatment to children in families in the U.S. who cannot afford it. The event initially started out as a one-day event in February but has since grown into a national event annually. Almost one in four children under five already have cavities and 10 million children under the age of 18 receive no dental care. Give Kids A Smile remains an important part of the ADA’s Action for Dental Health. Their mission is to end any dental health problems in America by providing care to everyone, especially those who need it the most.

How is MOHCA involved?

Our regional chapters, Northwest and Northeast, partner with local Dental Hygiene Schools to provide dental screenings, dental sealants, fluoride varnish and dental education to students within rural counties of Mississippi.

If you would like to be involved, please reach out to each Regional Chapter Chair for more information.


Each year, MOHCA plans the annual oral health summit. During this summit, we select new officers and discussed current trends and selective topics regarding oral health in the state of Mississippi. This is a free event for all MOHCA members and nonmembers to network and connect.

If you would like more information about our upcoming Summit, please visit our events page to register.

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